Saturday, November 22

Saturday, Nov. 22nd… How sad not to let them know………

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Listening to the message James Taylor brings, with the song on here today, I wonder why it is so difficult for some people to do just that…… “Shower the people you love with love…show them the way that you feel… things are gonna work out better if you only will…” How simple. How very truthful. He goes on to say in the song that “you can run but you cannot hide, And what you plan to do with your foolish pride, When you're all by yourself alone. Once you tell somebody the way that you feel, You can feel it beginning to ease.” How many people have we witnessed, turning their backs on people they love because of foolish pride… sometimes holding out too long and something happens, which then prevents them from ever righting the wrong? Shouldn’t they have just told the person how they felt and tell them that they love them and allow things to become better?
These songs have very special messages a lot of the time and you may listen to them for years before you ever catch the meaning, however, when you do…… you may relate it to something going on in your life at that very moment and choose to do as the song says. Usually, that song then becomes very special and you listen to it often. Perhaps when something is troubling us we should listen to music and we’ll find out that most of the time, we are exactly like most other people around us.
Be truthful with those you love… no matter the reason……
What good has ever come from lies and deceit when dealing with a person you love. No good can ever come of a poisoned seed, for the tree shall bear poisoned leaves and bear fruit of the same kind. It takes but a second to weed your garden in life…… and what you leave after that weeding, will allow the world to see your blossoming beauty and it will only bring happiness and sunshine into your life and those around you……

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