Sunday, November 23

Sunday Morn, Nov. 23rd… Egg, Egg, Eggs everywhere eggs……

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I was peacefully sleeping last night, when suddenly I awoke for no apparent reason and it was pitch dark in the room…… Usually the TV is on and there is a mumble of sound, since we turn it down before retiring to sleep. (usually) But now, it was dark as a deep cave and there was no sound at all, in fact I imagined I could hear my own heart beating, it was that quiet! I rolled around and tried to put my feet on the floor, but I couldn’t find anyplace to put my feet down over the edge of the bed, so I reached across the bed to awaken Vicki and tell her something was wrong….. That the power had gone off and we should check the dogs or whatever…..
Vicki was gone…..I was there by myself! I thought to myself, "What the ……" and with my mind being totally blank….I stood up to find my head hitting something. I continued to feel my way around and to my dismay, I felt a vertical wall to my left, another to my right and both seemed to arch toward one another at the top. As I continued to feel my way around, I noticed I was enclosed in a kind of globe……… a rounded globe. Wondering how this had happened and my panic starting to peak along with the fear of what may have happened to Vicki, I started to thrust my weight against the side of the sphere and kick at it. Finally I started punching at the wall with my fists and it started to give way with a loud crack. I continued to punch and punch until I could see daylight and hear the TV again. Through a hole which started to develop, I could see Vicki sleeping on the bed, so I continued punching and kicking with all my might and finally the wall collapsed and I was free. I was surrounded by large pieces of egg shell……… I was in a freakin’ EGG! Just then I was awakened by a sleepy eyed Vicki, who said, “Roll over and go back to sleep, you must have been dreaming…….you were groaning and thrashing around.” I lay there in bed, wondering if it might have had anything to do with the thirty four dozen eggs in the refrigerator in the barn and wondering what we were going to do with them all, knowing there would be another four dozen in the morning? Maybe farming is really a dangerous business to be in after all!

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