Sunday, November 23

Sunday, Nov. 23rd… 38 dozen eggs and no where to sell em……

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Now isn’t that just a fine pickle???? The guys from New York who are buying them from us (when they want them) and selling them to friends, making a killing on them, doesn’t want them just yet. WELL, Tomorrow we are going to the Cornell Ag Extension office on the mountain, to find out what we must do to sell our eggs to a store or retail outlet. I’m sure there is some kind of rhetoric we will have to go through to be able to sell them. Perhaps we will have to be FDA inspected or whatever. We do label them with our logo sticker which is below, but I don’t know if there are more restrictions or not. After talking to Mick at the extension office we’ll know what we have to do. We have the potential to supply 28 dozen eggs per week, minimum, right now, so we need a place that will move eggs. There is a huge market for free range chicken eggs and organic eggs. I really wonder about the organic eggs and what they classify free range as and then there is the cage free eggs too. Our chickens free range all day long if the weather is ok, otherwise they stay in the coop and in the outside run area, but eat the same feed. If the weather is nice, you can find them in the yard, the woods, the flower beds or where ever they wish to hang out for the day. Free ranging here is just that……they go where ever they want and eat anything in the yard or woods that strikes their fancy. All Natural!! The most we did today was thaw the bunny's water in the lower barn. After that, we dropped six bales of hay down from the loft, closed it off again, placed the six bales of hay at the bottom of the front door which we closed off and installed two more heat lamps over each rabbit water bottle. Now the rabbits have heat over every cage. The celotex closes off air from the loft and the tarps close off air from the front and side doors. NO BREEZES in the barn should equate to a warmer barn in the morning than this morning. This evening the barn was at 32 degrees when it was 9 degrees outside. We'll see in the morning. After feeding and gathering eggs in the morning, we’ll go for breakfast somewhere and then go up the mountain to the extension office. After that who knows what the day may bring?

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