Monday, November 24

Mon. Eve, Nov. 24th… Sold a few eggs & chicks in brooding house…

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Today ended up being a pretty busy one… I was up at 5:30 to leave the dogs out and make coffee. Vick was up then also, but painted as I read AOL and tried to come up with a morning blog. There just wasn’t ANYTHING to write about, so we went to breakfast about 10:00, then headed on up the mountain to the Cornell AgroForestry extension office to talk to Mick about our eggs, but he was in the Troy office today. The lady took our number and said she would contact him if she could and have him call us. Well………… maybe tomorrow……… yeah, definitely looks like it will be tomorrow. Oh well, 1 day = four more dozen eggs. We did, however, sell five dozen eggs today to one of our regular customers and sooner or later, Dawn & Don should be here too.
We had to wait around for Culligan to show up and repair our water treatment unit……….because we have pink water. The unit that deals with sulfur screwed up and now needs rebuilt. Another $175.00.…. Ho, ho, ho, Merrrrry Christmas! They showed up around 2:30 or so and it was only $145.00 because it’s close to Christmas…… Oh well, we’re happy with any savings right now.
After Culligan left, we went to the brooding house and cleaned all the old shavings out and scraped the floor clean, then installed a top over the chicks, installed two heat lamps and left them free in there to run. They liked it and were ready to move to the brooding house anyway. In a few more weeks, we will need to take them to the new barn and place them in with the other chickens.
Uhhhhhh-Ooooooooooh…………… There is a major flood watch that just came into effect until tomorrow night this time, as a severe weather front is moving in and will deliver heavy rains to our already frozen landscape and that is not good in the streams which will flood immediately with 100% run off of the rain water. We should see water running everywhere!!!!!!!!! Look Out!! Watch your basements!!! This is a unique circumstance indeed, so keep your eyes open.

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