Tuesday, November 25

Tues. Nov. 25th… Cool, rainy and dark… Yucky day of mud……

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There’s only one more day until that big Thanksgiving day meal! A day of celebration for all…… usually family.... that hasn’t been together since that fourth of July picnic in the back yard, or maybe even labor day…. Some, you maybe haven't seen since last year at Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas…… or maybe longer, like my family. My dad was here last year for Thanksgiving and that's the last I saw him. Since then, he has been placed in a elderly care facility in central Pennsylvania. How I would love to bring him up to visit, but with the medicine and twenty four hour care he now receives he can’t really leave. I am happy to say that he isn’t lonely, like he used to be, ever since my mom passed away, because on August the eighth, he was remarried to a really nice lady in the same facility and they are spending their lives together, in a room there, with everything they need. My brother is about 17 miles away from the facility and visits regularly and dad and I talk almost every day, if he is not busy…… Sometimes I call and he is so busy he cannot talk, so I just hang up and giggle to myself, happy that he is content and happy……. And yes, BUSY! One real problem is the distance between us, making it really difficult for me to visit him, because it is an eight hour trip to his place and another eight hours back home to here in upstate New York, so I can’t just pop into the car to visit, especially with all the animals to care for. There is a really nice director there that receives emails and pictures I send to dad, so I can keep him tuned into what’s going on here, but it’s still not the same during the holidays…… Nothing is ever the same during the holidays, so enjoy what you have now……for life is ever changing and you never have today what you had yesterday.
We are still gathering eggs and waiting to find out what we have to do to sell them commercially. The dude from the city called and wants 25 dozen eggs for next Monday at 8:30 AM, so I’ll keep them for him, I guess. He wanted us to sort them and pull out any small eggs and give him only large and jumbo (for the same $2.00/doz. ) Knowing that other places are getting $4.00/doz. For large, free range eggs, I informed him that we sell the mixed for one price, that is why we can offer them at $2.00/dozen…… which is a steal. Sorted they would cost far more than that, but he still wanted large & jumbo only for $2.00.….. I said you’ll have to get them somewhere else and he said ok, I’ll be there on Monday for the 25 dozen at $2.00 each and I’ll tell everybody they’re mixed.
As it stands right now, at the rate of 45 eggs a day, we need 53.3 days in each month, selling eggs at $2.00/doz. Just to cover the $400.00/month Feed cost. Maybe he can tell his friends that…….as he sells our eggs, and makes his profit. I pictured getting to a point of needing a retail outlet and the necessity of increasing our prices to at least cover the feed which would be about $3.50/doz…and that just ain’t-a-gonna-happen!!
We do this for the pleasure of it… being around the animals and seeing and hearing them…… so the eggs remain $2.00/doz. We decided will donate them to an area shelter (if they would take them) before we sort and charge multiple prices…… it beats throwing them into the woods, but we’ll do that before we dance the jig for somebody that’s obviously making money off us. Can I ask a simple, little, question..... What is wrong with some of these people anyway?????

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