Wednesday, November 26

Wed. Nov, 26th… Tomorrow is the big day… Gobble, Gobble……

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This morning in I was up at 7:00 AM, let the dogs out to do their dodo’s and got the coffee goin’. I then settled down in front of the computer to read blogs. After sitting here for a few minutes, I decided to give Vick a head start and help her by boiling the eggs we will use for deviled eggs, which we will take along to her brothers for Thanksgiving dinner. She is doing an apple pie and two pumpkin pies this morning also. Well, anyway, I put the eggs in the water and added the required couple of pinches of salt to the water and returned to blog reading for awhile, trying to think of what my mom did to keep new eggs from sticking to the shells, but I couldn’t remember anything except her adding salt to the water.(which definitely helps the water boil, but the sticking…..I don’t think so…) anyway, I was reading blog entries from Tennessee Granddaddy, Ellipsis and The Chicken Chronicles...Again, when it finally hit me…………baking soda ……… Mom put baking soda in the water, which lowered the ph of the water and caused the eggs to not stick to the shells as it was absorbed through the shells as they boiled and cooked. I immediately ran to the stove and grabbed the baking soda out of the cupboard and poured some into the already boiling water. I hope it wasn’t too late……… Well, we’ll see when I try to peel the eggs.
Anyway……… remember when you are doing your eggs for pickling, deviling or making egg salad…..add the baking soda to reduce the work.
We are still awaiting an answer from the Cornell extension office about what you have to do to be able to sell our eggs in a local store, so nobody gets into trouble. After all, at $2.30 per dozen, we are still losing money, but like I said, we never got into this to make money. We do however have a high feed cost and we have to do something with the eggs, so if we can recover some of the feed cost, it’s nice. Wish us luck! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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