Wednesday, November 26

Wed. Eve, Nov. 26th… Day is done…the rat pack is gone……

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Gotta tell ya!!!! There are gonna be six very scared Indian Runners come tomorrow morning, if they’re lucky enough to even see tomorrow morning. I’m sure if they are alive when the sun rises and it is light enough for them to make a bee line back to the duck house, they’ll be high tailing it toward the house. This is the very first time they wouldn’t come in and little do they know about what they are in for. They better not be doing the usual quacking about nothing they usually do every time there is a little noise or they will draw the scores of coyotes we have right to them and they’ll never see the sun-up on Thanksgiving day. Vicki and I tried everything we knew to get them to come in from the swamp area at the end of the frozen Pupskill Lake Pond, but they wouldn’t budge and if I tried to get closer to them, they went further into the swamp area. Better that they stay out in the main channel of the stream, but it is not at all deep enough to thwart the efforts of a hungry pack of coyotes. They’ll have all six of them if they get one. I don’t know what else to do because those 6 are the most incorrigible animals I’ve ever seen……thus, the name, "The rat pack", (The name also refers to the belief that an established pack of rats will belligerently reject an outsider who tries to join them.) and these six ducks are definitely the text book definition for a rat pack. They will not join or stay anywhere near the other ducks.
Just like Sinatra and Martin, Lawford, Bishop and Sammy Davis Jr., these six guys travel together everywhere and steer clear of all the other ducks and chickens… just like the 1950’s and 60’s group of high-rollers, they go where they want when they want and tonight is nothing new, except they have trodden a few steps further than ever before by not coming home. That my friends is THE RAT PACK…….
We finally had to give up and come in, leaving them to the mercy of nature and the night, because Vicki still had her filling and three pies to make for tomorrow’s meal at her brothers. I hope that I see them in the duck pond in the morning when I get up around 6:00 AM. If they are out there, I’ll go out and leave them in if they let me. Otherwise they will take off for the swamp again.
( the little bastards)…..

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