Wednesday, November 12

Wed. eve, Nov.12th… Best laid plans of Skip & Vick……

Well, today was a lousy knee day and Vick turned the wrong way this morning and pulled her back a little. I must say however, Vick did much better than I did. I was miserable all day with excruciating knee pain every time I bent over it was terrible. I say best laid plans of Skip & Vick because we got about nothing done today. I filled all the feed bins and we framed out for the board & batten on the duck and old chicken houses, so we’re ready to put board & batten on when ever we get back to doing it. My best laid plans entailed completing both the new and old barn winterizing and then starting the outside lighting. Not to happen and I wonder if we are that damned slow or I have poor planning skills now-a-days. I used to be able to look at a job and figure exactly how long it would take to complete, within an hour. Now, it would seem I can’t figure with any certainty within a week.
The heck with it…….I’m taking Vick to dinner at the restaurant before art class tonight. See ya all tomorrow!

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