Monday, December 22

Mon. Eve, Dec. 22nd… Snow removal today, Party runs tomorrow……

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We sat on the couch for awhile this morning, in front of the fire, knitting scarves, then went to the barns to feed the critters. It was really cold and blowing, and in the half hour I was in the big barn, my tracks were drifted shut like I’d never even past that way at all. I held off with snow blowing until later in the afternoon, then went out and blew snow from the driveway, every path and every place I did on Friday. Of course, the worst was out at the end of the driveway, where the township plowed and packed snow into the driveway opening. It only takes one pass with the snow blower to open the mailbox this year, because I redid the post and mounted the box back away from the road so the plow wouldn’t continually knock it off like the four times it wiped the box off the pole last year. I went to the post office to complain, but as soon as we said the plow knocked our mailbox off, the lady said, “That happens a lot!” Now, tell me…… how helpful do you think she was??? I finally decided to fix the problem myself this past summer.
Later in the afternoon, went to the post office to mail the picture Vick made for my dad and then we ran a Christmas Gift up to Tannersville for Dr. Lee which we have done every year since he has been treating Vick. On way home, we had dinner at Angela’s Restaurant, at the foot of the Kaaterskill Clove road, just beyone route 32 and route 23 junction. After a lousy pizza, we headed home to finish the animals for the night. The rabbit feeders Vick bought from Jeffers Co. came while we were out, so we put them on the sides of the rabbit pens and moved them to their positions necessary for me to install the stall railing for the alpacas. We want to get the stalls ready for them this spring. We might get them as soon as mid-February sometime, so we need to be ready, just in case.
We are now finishing up what we need to do so we can sit down together and watch “Papa’s Angels” which is on the Hallmark channel and comes on at 11:00 PM. It is my kind of movie…. taking place in the south, during the great depression era. It’s a real tear jerker about a man with 2 kids who loses his wife to a lung disease, etc., etc. If you see this and have time, find it on the Hallmark channel and watch it. It’s worth seeing.
Tomorrow we go to Albany to pick up all the food we need for the Christmas Eve dinner we are throwing here Wednesday evening. We’ll take the camera and shoot a few pictures in Albany and along the way so you can see the snow in the “Empire Capital City”. See ya then!

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