Tuesday, December 23

Tuesday, Dec. 23rd… Running for the food…… ready for a party……

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This morning we are setting out early to pick up the needed party supplies an d food for Christmas Eve. We are gonna stop at the eyeglass place for someone to adjust Vicks new glasses so she doesn’t feel like she’s laying in a field in Woodstock, New York back in 1969, seeing pink elephants in psychedelic jumpsuits. as she hears Janice Joplin sing “Try, just a little bit harder”. Seriously, she is having a difficult time getting used to these new glasses because they we not adjusted properly by Richard Titwitt or who ever he is that “works” at their store. She seems to be able to see through and under the glasses as she walks, which makes walking difficult and can tend to give you a headache, so we will stop for a proper adjustment as long as good old Richard isn’t there doing the fitting and adjusting today.
When we get home, we need to finish the garland wrapping we started last night in the kitchen……. Except today we need to do it on the porch and keep the mess and sap out there. When we finish it, I’ll wade the snow along the fence and drape it like Vick has had visions of it for months. Gotta go now. See ya later…..

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