Tuesday, December 23

Tues. Eve, Dec. 23rd… Hokie Smokes… where do they all come from???

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We were in Albany today shopping for those last minute items you always find you forgot to get early, so you wouldn’t have to brave the lousy, bumper to bumper traffic, like we did this evening. It took us about an hour to go from Wolf Road to route 20 in Guilderland, Via route 155……… a 12 minute trip any other time! Vick called the place where she bought her glasses to see if they would be in and if she could stop to get her glasses fitted properly, but the only person there today was that little Richard Titwitt guy that didn't do it right in the first place, so she immediately aborted the plan until a later date....... so on with todays purpose for being in Albany.....We got groceries at Wal-Mart, Hannaford, Target and The Honey Baked Ham store. Boy did we see a bunch of people…… all racing around buying stuff…… lots of stuff……. it even looked like they were buying new stuff for their old stuff. Seems a person can never have enough stuff. Well, anyway…… we finally made it home and Vicki has been cooking ever since.
Tomorrow morning, we are going to try to finish the garland on the porch so we can string it on the pasture fence like Vick had planned to do. At least, that’s the plan tonight…………

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