Wednesday, December 24

Wed. Dec.24th… CHRISTMAS EVE!! How we’re getting ready……

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And the children were nestled all snug in their beds, with visions........
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It’s Christmas Eve, 2008 and we’ve been busy ever since our feet have hit the floor this morning. Vicki had been diligently fighting the “Big Bird”, first in the sink with "hand to bird", combat since the insides were still a bit frozen and wouldn’t come out the little hole, so I…… Mr. Mighty…… came on the scene and I warned Sweet Vicki to stand back….for I was about to unleash a forceful battering upon the Big Bird he has obviously never experienced in the past. Upon completion of my man handling and twisting of the birds legs, He gave up the internal package and I return custody of the bird to Vick. She immediately gave him a rub down with butter and had me sprinkle the salt and pepper and in a flash equal to any glittering, falling star…… our Christmas Dinner streaked into the oven!!
Once the blog is posted and Vick has a chance to take a breather equivalent to the one minute rest between a boxing round, she and I will attack the garland on the front porch. Perhaps I will give her two minutes to be sure we don’t have something else more important to do before the party dinner this evening…… It’s always smart to be ready early because the people are to arrive around three this afternoon…… Which is only a mere four hours and forty-five minutes from now, so we need to be ready.
While she was doing all the preliminary stuff this morning in here, I ventured out in the ice to feed the critters, gathered over five dozen eggs and scattered new wood chips for all of the critters to enjoy, this Christmas Eve and to be able to snuggle warmly amongst them tonight to awaken cozy Christmas Morning.
I can only hope that everyone arrive safely, if they come and know they are welcome to stay the night, if the roads become dangerously icy tonight. We have enough room for everyone and plenty of food for all. Since the party will last well into the evening, I may not blog, but will try to find the time somewhere between the party and Christmas day festivities, so Merry Christmas To all and to all a good night!!

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