Wednesday, December 24

Christmas Eve… Killin' time awaitin' everyones arrival…

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Here we are at 4:58 PM, waiting for everyone to show up at 3:00 Pm as we had planned……… Oh well, we had more than enough time to finish everything and get into the holiday cheer and get a little tipsy……… Vicki is not a real drinker, so you can imagine that right now she has a red nose and is giggling quite a bit. I on the other hand, have only had a little bit of booze and can see quite straight…..except that the room is a little tilted or something……
The dogs keep turning their head sideways, looking at us as if we are talking to them and they do not understand. I wonder why they do that……… I’m not sitting on the floor scratching like they do, but Vicki hasn’t had anything to eat today, so I guess that’s why she is acting funny……… She is reading the Viagra adds that they keep sending her by email and laughing hysterically. I hope they don’t pertain to me!!!!!!!
I cut the ham off the bone and covered that dish, dissected the turkey and covered that plate and brought the pickled eggs up from the basement and placed a bunch in the bowl and two in my stomach…… Now…… what else needs done before our late guests arrive………… Ahhhh, Perhaps another drink so I don’t become dehydrated….. And I need to keep an eye on Vicki, because as I said, she is not a drinker and I don’t want her to become sober….er… dehydrated…… besides, she is singing Christmas carols and I’ve never heard her singing before!
Anyway, on a serious note, look at the garland on the fence posts and see what we have done today.
Well, all the guest have just pulled into the driveway, so gotta go…. See ya later!!!!!

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Ok Julia, here's your pictures of the garland on the fence. Isn't it beautiful?????

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