Thursday, December 25

Thurs. Dec 25th… What a beautiful, cold, sunny Christmas Day……

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Christmas Morning 2008
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They were calling for rain this morning….cloudy conditions and then the temperature to fall, but the sun is out and it is about 37 degrees this fine Christmas morning in 2008.
The party was a success and everyone in attendance had a good time stuffing food in, laughing and talking. Jimmy, Maria and both his daughters, little Maria and Ashley appeared to enjoy themselves as did Rich, Robin, Katie and Kenny……… Joe and Anita always enjoy their visit once they finally make it here, so everyone had a lot of Christmas Eve fun.

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Katie, Little Maria, Joe, Ashley, Richie and Robin

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Joe, Richie, Maria, Anita

Anita & Maria

L to R
Kenny, Jimmy

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The pool table downstairs was in action as soon as the dinner was over and it wasn’t empty for a minute until everyone left for home again.
Looks like today we might venture over to Richie’s and spend the day there with them for Christmas dinner and a visit.
Joe and Anita got Vicki and I an O’well, Limited Edition 2008 “Apple Farm” lighted village piece to add to the others already on display in the living room. Take a look at the pictures of “Vick’s Village, in the living room sky”.
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It is with great love that Vicki and I wish you all a very memorable holiday and the merriest of any Christmas day ever. As you spend it with loved ones and friends, remember that all of you are with us this Christmas day as we celebrate, for you have all become as family here on……… Again Merry Christmas!

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