Friday, December 26

Friday, Dec. 26th… Time to relax and enjoy the season now……

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Well, another Christmas has come and gone and we have all survived the hustle and bustle of the occasion. Now we will kick back and relax…… spend time alone with one another and relish the holiday season between now and New Years Eve. We have measured up to everyone expectations for Christmas, so now is our time to enjoy one another. This is the time when I enjoy sitting on the couch, watching TV with Vick at my side…… or we do some craft work… knitting for the gift shop, glass work, writing, poems or proof reading my book to get ready for publishing it……… just any number of things beyond taking care of the critters which is still a demand, morning and night.
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This is the Christmas dinner table

Katie, Robin and Vick doing a braiding project

Joe & Richie watching a concert performance on DVD

The concert.

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We do, however want to take a run to Coxsackie to pick up some Alpaca wool at the farm where Izzy and Luke are being kept. Isabelle said she would leave the wool in the heated room for us because they were going to Florida for awhile. We will take a few pictures of Izzy and Luke, our Alpacas, which we will bring home sometime in February or March. We also want to take a trip to Hudson to a lady that sells Alpaca and Angora wool. We will more than likely contract with her for our Angora rabbits, which means she will fill our order for males and females this spring. I think she only breeds by demand and under contract. Angoras are a special rabbit and bloodline is very important, as is Alpacas. We will end up joining the NYSABC (New York State Angora Breeders Club) and the AOBA (Alpaca Owner and Breeders Association), not to mention the many other clubs and organizations. Between having fleece from Angora rabbits, the Alpacas, spinning our own wool and knitting products to sell along with selling our eggs, we think we will have plenty to keep us busy both as a labor of love and a love of nature’s animals……… What a way to enjoy our life!

This is an Alpaca like ours. In fact his name is Luke also.
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