Friday, December 26

Fri. Eve, Dec. 26th… Back from the Country Wool Shop………

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We just returned from the Country Wool Shop, just outside of Hudson, where we met Claudia, the owner of the wool shop and breeder of the German Angora rabbits on the premises. We had a really nice discussion and had her place our names on her list to receive four of her German Angoras this spring….early summer. She is primarily interested in wool production and her Germans are heavy producers, so we should be off to a good start and hopefully will receive some does and a buck so we can both harvest the wool, when ready and also breed young to expand our animals so we have lots of quality wool for items we will knit for the Hospice Gift Shop. Claudia teaches courses in carding, spinning, dying and knitting at Columbia University and we will be enrolling in a few of her Saturday morning classes to learn how to properly process our rabbit and Alpaca wool for the farm. Things are finally starting to come to fruition and we are becoming extremely excited at the thought of bringing Iggy and Luke home this spring. Vick and I are building the bunny house on to the back side of the barn and finishing it with windows for ventilation and an inside entry door that is accessible from inside the barn.
Tomorrow we go to Coxsackie to take some pictures of Iggy and Luke so we can post them here on the blog. Also, Isabelle has placed some Alpaca wool in the heated area of the barn for us to practice drop spinning with. We bought a small container of Angora wool from Claudia to practice with too. Keep watching here for the pictures tomorrow.
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What our bunnies will look like

This is our Iggy.

This is Iggy when he was ready to shear.

This is our Luke. After he was sheared.

Alpaca wool - Dyed

More Alpaca wool that Isabelle did on the farm

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