Saturday, December 27

Saturday Eve, Dec. 27th… Back from running all over the place……

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The other day, when it was so cold, we went out to the Cub Cadet dealer and bought a new battery because the old one in the tractor wasn’t strong enough to crank it over anymore when it’s cold outside. I just put it into the tractor this morning, so I could sprinkle crusher chips on the ice in the driveway. We left the house later in the afternoon, around 2:30 and headed to the Cub Cadet dealer, so I could drop off the old battery. I needed to take it back to them because they didn’t charge me a core charge for the old battery. Unfortunately, they had closed at 2:00 and we carried the old battery in the back of the car the rest of the day. From there, we went down to Coxsackie, to Isabelle’s farm to see the Alpacas, take some pictures and pick up a bag of Alpaca wool from Isabelle’s stash. We called at the beginning of the week and asked if we could get a little wool for hand spinning and she said she would leave us a bag in the heated room in the barn. We found it exactly where she said it would be, took several pictures of the Alpacas and the Lama.
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Our Iggy is in the middle. I don't know who's is on the left, but that's Isabelle's Lama on the right.

This is our Luke.

Iggy & some other Alpaca.

Iggy again.

Luke looking away from us

Then Luke looked right at us

Iggy was running all over the place, but wouldn't come any closer.


This is Sargent Pepper. He's for sale.

Iggy again


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After leaving the farm and our Alpacas, we took off for Albany to find a birthday gift for Richie. Since he reads the blog occasionally, I’m not going to mention what we got, but we went from Wolf road to Colonie Mall, to the Northway Mall, then all the way to Clifton Park Center Mall, up toward Saratoga Springs. Hope he likes what we got!!!!! One thing for sure, we had an excellent dinner at the Capital Buffet on Wolf road near the Outback Steakhouse (in the same mall lot). All the food was really great…… in fact, I’d say there is no place that beats their food quality for taste, including Ichiban, which we frequent a lot. If you go to dinner there, they have carved beef, turkey & pork, along with snow crab, and a bunch of gourmet extras you won’t see on the lunch buffet. Tomorrow I don’t know what we’ll do, but for tonight, it’s rest period………period! I’m tired after all that running.

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