Monday, December 1

Monday Eve, Dec. 1st… Doctors, doctors, doctors…… We saw em……

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We had our appointment with our physician this morning and we both gave blood to see if we were still alive. Mine was to check the numbers again since I dropped my weight by twenty five pounds, just by swearing off soda, French fries, sugar, candy and most other sources of carbohydrates which turn directly to sugar. My sugar was 109 about three months ago when she pulled a vial of blood out of me, which started this whole change of lifestyle and weight loss.
Vicki has lost weight also and the main concern for her is blood pressure. It’s been a wee bit high sometimes, so we need to get it under control……. Just like my sugar.
After our doctors visit, we took Bear to the vet, because she has been coughing at night, and there is no mistaking it….it is the congestive heart cough, you know that hollow, choking, hack of a cough. The vet took an x-ray and as we figured, Bearie’s heart is quite enlarged and fluid is entering her lungs when it is at it’s worst. He put her on medicine to treat it and we will need to take her back in a few weeks for a recheck to see if the med’s are working and relieving they symptoms. Bearie is 14 years old and still plays with the young pups and can keep up when needed too. That’s the good thing about catching everything early……treat it and go on!!! Vick is working on dinner right now…..and I’m making those silly elf cards you send on emails, when I should really be filling out the sales tax return for the last quarter under Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm, LLC which is not due until Dec. 22nd…… But, if I don’t do it now, I’ll forget for sure, so I better finish here and do it.

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