Tuesday, December 2

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd… What direction is up ??? Point to it Please!

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Hello everyone… What a day this has been. Early to bed……early to rise…… makes a person dumber than most…… because the early bird gets the worm! I hate worms….they taste like dirt!!!!!
I was up at seven this morning…… made a pot of coffee after turning the dogs out…… fed the chicks, turned everyone loose…peddled water and eggs to the frig and came back into the house. Dumped pellets into the stove and sat down to read about Barrack Obama’s latest ouch… at
And several others at:
Hummmmmm…… pretty compelling…… I’ll need to wait to see what happens……… don’t like it though……… Anyway…. After getting away from the computer, we went to lunch and then home to leave the doggies out for a bit while I unloaded the pellets out of the truck and parked the trailer, to go to the Agway and picked up a truckload of feed for the month. 22- 50# bags of breeder pellets, 6- 50# bags of oat & corn scratch, 4- 50# bags of rabbit pellets and 3- 40# bags of dog food. Whew….I was tired after unloading these into the feed room. It is nice that I can pull the loaded truck right into the barn entry way and step from the back of the truck directly into the feed room. At least this winter when it is snowing or sleeting and the wind is blowing cold as George Bush’s heart…… I can pull in the barn and close the door to unload. We now process the eggs in the barn too…… gathering, cleaning and crating them and placing them directly into the refrigerator without leaving the barn. Before we carried them to the house and then back to the barn. We now also sell out of the barn…… from one dozen to 37 dozen so far…
On another note… I have received several emails congratulating Vicki and I on our weight loss. She is doing it to please herself (and me…although I would love her regardless) and to control her blood pressure. I am losing to satisfy myself, look better for Vicki and to control my blood sugar, as I’ve stated before. I have lost about 25 pounds in the last two months by cutting out several bad items I used to love eating and learning how to make better eating decisions. I haven’t exercised at all, beyond our regular busy schedule, but that will come also with the loss of weight which makes exercising a more realistic venture. Before my knees were so bad that I couldn’t really walk on the treadmill or use the elliptical runner that I tried to use, but now, I think I could do it…… at least for awhile and hopefully get better and better at doing it. My knees are better now than they have been since I retired.
Anyway…… I’ll tell everyone this. Study the information about the glycemic index…… what it is and how to use it. A really good place to read up on it is to go to:
http://www.glycemicindex.com/ It is very interesting and when understood and used……… the pounds melt away. The biggest thing is to understand that carb’s are worse than sugar!!!! One teaspoon of sugar is about 4 grams of Carbohydrates and a baked potato is about 54 grams of carbohydrates which changes directly into glucose….or SUGAR in the bloodstream, much of which turns directly to FAT!!
Understand that glycemic index, use it and find things you like to eat…… and watch the pounds melt away! The best part is that you can find food you like and that you can almost eat as much as you like and still lose weight. COOL!!

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