Wednesday, December 3

Wednesday, Dec. 3rd… The cub is back in operation………

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Hi Everyone, This morning we got off to a slow start, and after feeding and watering the critters and processing the eggs, we went to the bakery at noon for a bowl of broccoli soup and a slice of home made bread. Keren and Reggie serve lunch until 2:00 and use the cute little title on the board, “A reason to eat the bread” and I agree. Their soups are excellent… all natural, with the finest ingredients available………… no junk added…… a very tasty, healthy lunch, no matter what they serve. It’s just the best place in town to eat!!!!! Bar none. Today Keren served our soup and then set a brown bag in front of us and said, “Here is a little gift for you” and to our surprise…… there was a half a loaf of whole wheat bread in the bag. Both she and Reggie know I’m borderline diabetic and they make sure I get a whole grain bread with my soup……… in fact they know that Vick and I are both losing weight and they give us both the whole grain bread. I thanked her today for being so thoughtful, but “Hey Reggie! Thanks too!!! Don’t think we didn’t notice last week when you gave us our soup, that you gave us whole grain bread too.” ( he reads the blog every day….)
When we left there, we went to Cairo (my bestest place in the whole, wide, world…..NOT) ((Reggie is grinning)) and picked up our prescriptions at the CVS pharmacy, then escaped the hell hole town to return home. We then found that the tie rod for the Cub Cadet came in as planned and we took off to pick it up. When we returned, one of our Rhode Island Reds had gotten iced (splattered) on the road in front of the house by one of the vehicles that drive like a lightning bolt past the driveway at warp speed, even though it was the hens fault for being on the road. I took her to the woods and chucked her to the wolves…… or in this case the coyotes or skunks. After disposing of the hen, I quickly put the tie rod on and then spread some crusher stone dust on the side of the new barn where the water lays and freezes or turns to mud. When it got too cold to continue, I put the bags of pellets away that I proped up to dry all day long. They are now in a nice stack in the tractor shed, safe and sound and dry. It was then time to put the critters away and once they were in, we went to Coxsackie and had dinner at Paul’s Pizza & Pasta. Now we are going to put the Christmas tree up and string lights. I believe I will edit and re-write my biography for awhile later……gotta get that baby published soon.

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