Thursday, December 4

Thurs. Eve, Dec. 4th… Another long day and we made it through!!….

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We were up this morning and out the door at 8:00 AM to get Vicki to an eye doctor’s visit in Albany. We left an hour before her appointment and set the GPS unit for the address and was on our way. It took us in a corkscrew like circle around the city several times and we ended up on a street we were very familiar with. It took us about an hour and forty-five minutes to get to the doctor’s office, which only required a thirty five minute trip to get home again. DON”T ALWAYS TRUST A GPS UNIT!!!!! After leaving the doctor’s office, we went next door and Vick ordered a pair of glasses to wear all the time and another pair, just for reading. They will be ready in a week or less and then we can go pick them up……… and we won’t use the GPS unit to get there. Sheesh…… how stupid! We stopped several other places, with Lowe’s being the last stop after getting a tank full of gas for $1.91 a gallon. We got wire and hinges for the pasture gates and picked up bottled water, which we needed badly. We did find an very friendly person that was interested in helping us with some jewelry items for the Hospice Gift Shop. We will take him up on it when we get a chance to pick up some things to be ready to stock it in the spring when we build the building. We are now making hand-made things to sell, such as scarves and hats or gloves. We are kitting them from bought yarn, but later in the spring, we will have the Alpacas and Angora rabbits here, then we will have our own fleece to knit. Vicki is doing watercolors of our friend’s pets and some photos we’ve taken of wildlife. She will sell Giclée prints, in limited series, of the original watercolor paintings she has done. She will also sell multiple pieces of leaded, stained glass art too. I will make my book. “An Uncommon Journey” and copies of my book of poetry available when published. Anyway, The Jeweler is located on Western Avenue and the name of the shop is Roman’s Jewelry. If you’re ever in the market for fine jewelry, stop in and see him or his wife. They are super people and when someone wants to help us with our hospice project…… I can tell you they are someone you want to meet. I’m sure you would be very satisfied after doing business there. We will be working around the farm tomorrow and I promise to post a bunch of update pictures. I’m sorry for the long delay between pictures, but I get all tied up doing so much and forget to snap pictures until I’m ready to blog in the evening, then it’s too dark to take good pictures. Sometimes I’m so busy, I get sidetracked and end up with a million things started and nothing accomplished, because I try to multi-task and forget everything………Now what was I going to say ……… Ahhhhhh, Probably good night. I hope………

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