Friday, December 5

Friday, Dec. 5th… Fight a Virus or spyware with this tool.... FREE!!...

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Good morning from the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm…… It’s a cold, crisp 19 degrees outside the window here this morning, but they promise we will see 32 degrees here today as our sunny high. The chickens and ducks won’t care as long as they can get out and peck like chickens do and swim like ducks always want to do. You can see the disappointment in their little eyes when they look at the Pupskill Lake Pond and the water is “hard”. Thank goodness the little duck pond right outside their pen is spring fed and stays open most of the winter, or they wouldn’t have anyplace to wet their feathers, so to speak…… All I know is that, when the weather is nice and they can be out, they lay eggs like they are going out of style…… give us a day of drizzle and rain, (when we usually keep them inside) and they retaliate by not laying eggs!
Oh yeah….EGGS!! The turkey eggs are ready to start hatching on the 7th… in fact, we are moving one egg a day out of the egg turner and placing it on the screened bottom to hatch. We’ll see….if Timmy did his job they will hatch…if not we surely can’t blame Tina…she did her part and laid the eggs. Lets all hope to see some turkey peeps on the 7th………
Today we do some clean-up work around the house and a little back filling around the back side of the barn where the water line ditch has sunken below ground level and is exposing the underside of the barn wall near the hydrant inside. A little dry dirt from the pile and several buckets of stone will fix that. We are getting ready for an appreciation dinner party we are throwing on Saturday evening for the folks from GNH, Hilltop Agway, Brush Construction and a few other friends and of course our family. It is in appreciation for the years service and all the kindness extended to Vicki and I as we built our barn and various other projects over the year. Many people did favors and lent us tools and things necessary to complete our projects and all played a large part in making our work easier to accomplish and we appreciate everything received from all our friends and neighbors. If you read this and you know us…… stop on by and grab a plate…… you’re surely welcome. If we don’t know you and we should……stop on by and say hello, because that’s all it takes become a friend!
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