Friday, December 5

Fri. Eve, Dec. 5th… Eggs, Eggs, Eggs… Tina lays another also!

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Today was a good day for getting ready for the party tomorrow evening at 6:00 PM. I worked all day outside and Vicki worked all day inside, cleaning and straightening up and preparing everything she has planned to do. I worked outside the barn and leveled crusher stone dust where we have to walk to get to the barn. I also cleaned up the inside of the barn and moved all the building tools and supplies to the upstairs front room and emptied the feed room of everything except feed and light bulbs, etc., which are on the shelf anyway. Being outside all day, my sinus’ are inflamed and I have one blasting headache, so I will warm up and retire to watch some TV before bed or work on my biography proof reading……… because it won’t be long until it’s ready to be published, once the re-writing and proof reading is done. I’ll get Vick to do the final editing when I complete the re-write. After I publish or at least have this one ready to publish, I’m going to finish the book of poetry and get it ready to publish too. I have several other novels in the works as soon as I can finish these up.Below are the pictures I promised to take. As usual, I ran out of daylight and remembered I was going to shoot pictures. Oh well… they aren’t too bad.Don’t forget to go to the site I mentioned:
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Filled outside the chicken house

This is how we winterized the barn

The outside chicken run with nylon in place

Looking toward the chicken coop

Celotex that closes off the loft

Timmy outside the chicken run

The feed room....organized

The Bunnies....under heat lamps

Tina is gonna lay her egg.

Another view of the feed room.

Crates, bulbs and meds

Tina still laying her egg

Timmy patiently waits for Tina

31 dozen chicken eggs & 1 doz duck eggs

Very cozy & very happy bunnies

Sometimes it even surprises her!

Did I do that?

Tina & Timmy's apartment

One dozen turkey eggs here and nine in the incubator.....hopfully to hatch!

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