Saturday, December 6

Saturday Eve, Dec. 6th… The party is over… most missed it!

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We had our little appreciation get together this evening at the house and we only had Danny and his friend, Jeff, his girl friend and the kids and that was it. Jeff’s dad, Dick, showed up on his way home from bowling and we made him a plate of chicken parm and stuffed shells to take home and eat in the comfort of his own home. There were a lot of people we appreciated that obviously don’t know it, because they didn’t show up. Oh well, they were invited…… I know it’s the holiday season, but I’d think we were far enough ahead of the holiday to miss a lot of the Christmas parties and such. There was a tray of the chicken parm, a tray of stuffed shells, a tray of anti-pasta with dressing and eight loaves of excellent garlic bread. We had coffee and soda and dessert. We got to meet a new friend and spend the evening with the rest of our old friends. Herman would have been here, but he had some tough breaks this week with his son almost breaking his arm and his wife who is being treated for lyme disease and then we heard from Jeff that everyone in the house was sick with something that is going around, so Herman stayed home so he would not spread it to us. We’ll have everyone including Herman and his wife come by this coming summer for a BBQ picnic.
After a long day, we finished the animals and since they’re all happy and tucked in, we think we’ll give it up for tonight too.
I’ll post pictures of tonight’s get together in the morning.

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