Sunday, December 7

Sunday Dec. 7th… 31 degrees and cloudy with Snow & Wind……

Note: Our internet provider has been experiencing problems all morning with their tin cans and strings! We have just now re-established an internet connection and a TV signal. If the wind wiggles a wire before we post, keep checking back. Sorry for such a late morning post.
Well, we had our appreciation dinner last evening for everyone who helped us out over the last year…… We invited anyone from Agway, GNH Lumber and other surrounding places to come and have a meal on us and spend the evening chatting and laughing. We catered the food from Frank’s Green Hill Café in Norton Hill and had 400 Maine clams which we steamed. There were only a handful of people to show up, but we still had a really good time.
Today seems like a “sit by the fireplace” day with the weather forecast of snow showers and then that high wind advisory starting at around 5:00 this evening. Perhaps we’ll just feed the animals this morning and keep them in their outside runs so they are not out in high winds at 30 degrees, which has to be a chill factor of near ZERO. Below are the pictures I snapped last evening at the get together. We’ll blog more later today.

Here is last night's "tiny" get together.

left to right standing... Danny, Vicki, Jeff.
Sitting... Jeff's girlfriend Renee and her daughter Ashley.

This is Danny's friend, Ronnie. Now he is our new friend too!

The Christmas tree in the living room.

This is the first ornament my mother and father bought after being married in 1946. It has been my favorite Christmas ornament for my entire life and always the first ornament up each year.

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