Monday, December 8

Monday, Dec. 8th… Is it me or did I just step in… ahhh hemm…

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How can life be so nice one moment and such a screwed up mess the very next minute??????? Just make the mistake of taking a moment to think everything is ok and the world is right and you’ll find out you’ve been looking through rose colored glasses. The world is a nasty place filled with nasty, jealous and Pious people that you’ve mistakenly wanted to be associated with. Then you realize you don’t give a damned if you ever set eyes on them again. Can it be real, that some people never do what’s needed to sustain themselves, yet fault you for doing that very thing? Could those same people expect you to provide needed substance to fund them as though you are their guardian. Lest you don’t do so and they fault you for living your own life? Could you forget that you never gave of yourself, and always did what you wanted while going where ever you wanted and could never supply the whereabouts of that person, so close to you? Would you then later expect that person to then supply you with everything you desired……… to the extent of expecting them to do without for themselves…… as if they were your parent…… giving up everything for their child. Remember, a parent gives up their time….their wealth and their love for their children without asking for anything in return……
Could you demand sustenance from another…….truly demand it…… even after those you demand from, watch you dedicate all to another and see it melt away…… thrown to the wind…..fiddle fuddled away on frivolous nothings, that no longer exist and do nothing toward extending sustained life. Worse yet that they be turned away thrice beyond any request ever made, to then be made aware that there will be nothing for them, so don’t ask…… yet you then in turn ask, yourself, when your sun burns out! I say nay…… for your life should be lived alone today also, as you have made it so.

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