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Monday Eve, December 9th… Loving you is a SCAM!! Listen Up!!!

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Ok, all you beautiful debutants…you’re beautiful.. I love you… spend your life with me… give me your everything.. I need you!!
Believe me??? Why not, I’m serious.
You’re beautiful….for someone I can suck money out of…I love you…and that big bank account you have there…… Spend your life with me…. Because I’ll abduct you to Ghana and you’ll never escape…. Give me your everything… including any stocks and bonds or money in jars or safety deposit boxes. I need you…. For my devil worshiping…don’t worry I’ll drug you before I sacrifice you by cutting your heart out.
There is a scam on the website
match.com where men from Ghana will tell you anything you want to hear, to get you to believe that they are legitimate guys, out there looking for a girl just like you… one that is looking for a decent guy to spend your life with and would go out of your way to please, once you meet a guy like me… A guy to hold you and love you and protect you. I’ll listen to your every wish and transform myself into exactly what you are looking for and I’ll promise you happy loving days for the rest of your life. I’ll just not tell you that your life is not going to last very long once I get my hands on you.
This is not a joke…… I tell you this because we were involved with this very thing last week and found it to be a scam very innocently…. Which saved a friend of ours regardless of our “dumb luck!”
I say dumb luck, because the scammer didn’t know I had a tracer on our blog page and he looked at our blog to satisfy our friend that he was really interested in her and her friends, but let’s start at the beginning of the story, since the police and match.com won’t do anything about it…… Perhaps if you read this and are careful, you’ll not end up in a shallow grave or robbed either.
Our friend, which Vick and I love like a sister, lives in Georgia. She is a nurse…… an ICCU nurse in a hospital…… a very good nurse. Loved by her patients and father and us. She is a hard working, self supporting young lady who has not yet had the fortune to meet her knight in shining armor. She doesn’t ask for much….just a man like me that would love her unconditionally and constantly as I do Vicki. She is very pretty and built nice, but is not interested in the usual one night stand. She wants to commit to a relationship and have happiness with a man for life. So she placed an add on match.com saying so and waited hopefully for a reply from Mr. Right.
It didn’t take long. Not long at all…… She met George C. Wayne….. A 46 year old businessman from Georgia….. Only an hour away from her in another nice town. They talked and got to know one another by email…. Exchanged photos and more intimate, private information about each other than you would list on match.com.
They emailed each other many times in the next several days and George showed her is 10 year old son to a previous marriage….. A marriage that was terrible and ended abruptly with her running off with another guy and leaving George and his son all alone to exist. We saw pictures of his pool, his house and the inside of the living room. Vicki and I got an email at her request to tell us that he loved her immensely and wanted to bring her to us to visit…… anything to win her heart and prove he was the man of her dreams and would be with her through all eternity. Sounds really good huh? She had him go to our website,
http://www.cluckinacritterfarm.com/ where he could click on our blog, http://www.cluckinacritterfarm.blogspot.com/ and see our farm and all the stuff we do, so he did….to please her……. And…..
As soon as he did this, it showed he was in Ghana, West Africa. What the hell is going on here…we wondered. We asked our friend where George was…… and he said “in Georgia.” I told Vick that was a lie…… his ISP was showing him coming out of Ghana, So Vicki told her to ask why his computer showed he was in Ghana. There was silence on the other end…… a long silence…. Then he said he changed his computer time zone to Ghana, because he traveled there buying gems all the time. WRONG AGAIN!! That only changes the time on the computer…. It doesn’t show where you are…… only your ISP service provider shows where the signal is coming from. HE WAS A LIER!!! We then started drilling him, knowing he was a scammer, but hoping we were wrong. She made him give her the address of his house in the town near her. He was reluctant at first, then I think he thought she wouldn’t drive all that way if he just gave her the address and acted normal, but she did…… the very next day, with a close friend she works with and guess what? In the mean time Vicki and I checked him out on people search.com and found out that the address they were going to check on belonged to a George C. Wayne alright. But he was 62 years old. He had pulled the name and address out of a phone book, in a town near her, randomly…… and now we were worried she would run into him maybe. When they got there, the house was dilapidated and condemned. She checked with neighbors who confirmed that no one lived there for quite awhile, but a young, good looking guy sometimes drifts in and out…. But never stays around long. Now…… she called him and gave him a piece of her mind…… and threatened to report him to the police. He immediately became enraged and told her not to mess with him and that he didn’t like the word police. She told him she was going to report him to match.com and the police and he said. “you better watch what you say….I know where you live and I know where you work.” Do you get the jest of this story???????
She is now off the computer…… not soliciting anyone and not interested in computer dating. Thank God I have Feedjit and watch the real-time tracer or she might have met him at the airport as he wanted her to, when he called, saying he was back from a business trip and needed a ride. Had he got her into a car, God only knows what would have happened to our friend.
Please tell anyone you know that soliciting a stranger on these sites is not a safe thing to do, nor should they ever meet an email acquaintance until they are sure they are legitimate and they should never go alone, or they may never return.
We thank God our friend is still here and can complain about what the bastard did. I wonder if there were others that didn’t ever have that chance……… and are no longer alive.

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