Sunday, December 21

Sunday, Dec. 21st… Finally… the first day of winter…Who’d guess?

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Good morning from the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm, nestled here in the beautiful Catskill region. As we greet winter’s arrival here this early Sunday morning, it’s snowing!! The National Weather Center in Albany, is calling for an additional 5 to 9 inches today. Add that to what we already have and it comes to.... a bunch! But as I’ve stated yesterday, we don’t care. Last night after dark, we ventured to Coxsackie for dinner at Paul’s Pizza and Pasta restaurant, near the junction of 9W and route 81. We then returned home, where I finished the scarf that I knitted for the Hospice Gift Shop. (see below)They are calling for light snow showers Monday, partly cloudy on Tuesday and snow and ice mix on Wednesday, Christmas Eve. After that, we could possibly get winter weather into next July! Ahhhhh, I love living in the north. I feel that global warming too! In fact, a snowflake melted yesterday while I was out there in the 12 degree temperatures. Now who would have thought you’d ever see that here? I guess I better go feed the critters before it snows deep enough that I can’t find the chicken coop. I love winter.
Oh yeah…… below are some pictures of this morning and Vick’s Hospice heart in stained glass she is selling for $9.00 + shipping to benefit the Columbia-Greene Hospice Program. Order from
“Nature’s Friend’s of Hospice, Inc.” by emailing us at our email address,, she is taking orders right now. There is a picture of the scarf I knitted too. These will be going on sale in the Gift shop too. The cost of them will be $22.00 + shipping also. Orders are being taken for these now too. 100% of the net proceeds for these items will go directly to the Hospice program. Your support of our Hospice Friends is greatly appreciated and fully tax deductible through “Natures Friend‘s of Hospice, Inc.”
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Vick's Hospice Heart in stained glass. Order yours today at
The price is $9.00 + shipping

Just email to order one at
$9.00 + shipping
Hospice gets 100% of the net proceeds! And it's fully tax deductible!!!!!

The potting shed and Mom's Christmas tree.

The scarf I made for the Hospice Gift Shop.
Order yours at
The price is $22.00 + shipping
Comes in denim blue, wheat, Claret maroon or Brown. Single or double color.

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