Saturday, December 20

Saturday Eve, Dec. 20th… Less than an hour to clear the snow……

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When I got bundled up and went out this morning, I waded snow to the tractor shed, plugged the extension cord into the snow blower and cranked it up, grabbed the heated handles and Zoooooooooom…… I was off…… blowing the driveway open and a wide swath to pull the car in and out of the barn overhang. I then blew open all the paths to the animals in all the buildings, wide enough to drive the John Deere, with the trailer, out and back so we can deliver feed bags when needed without having to carry feed bags like last year. It is easy to enjoy the beauty of winter and the holidays when it only takes about 45 minutes to open everything up. I even have the BBQ grill dug out …… just in case! We do cook burgers out there all winter long, ya know, and right beside the grill is a three burner propane stove that Vick uses all the time because it boils water in half the time of the stove in the house. It’s also very handy around the holidays when you are cooking big meals, because we can put things out there to cook too.
It’s snowing out there again, like it has been all day long and you can only look out and get a Christmas holiday feeling when you don’t have to dread going out into it. We go out when we have to or to do something we will enjoy, unlike a lot of people who are unprepared and hate to see what’s out there. You know what? I think we’re gonna take advantage of the beautiful winter evening and go out for a pizza or something….. After all, the snow won’t stop us.

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The driveway all opened up.

Just in Case!!!!!

We'll need to clean this all off sometime.

Out the other way.....the car is under the barn!

Another week of heat in these bags!

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