Saturday, December 20

Saturday, Dec. 20th… Looks like it’s gonna be a white Christmas…

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Now we’re getting down to some serious snowing! We probably have about 16 to 18 inches out there and it’s supposed to “snow shower” until about 2 PM, then take a break until tomorrow, when it is to snow some more, then again on Christmas eve! Maybe it will be a winter like I had as a kid, where you waded snow to your belly button to go to the outhouse! As a kid, growing up in a town called Marysville, Pennsylvania, which was a picturesque little mining town, nestled among the ruins of an old iron works, once owned by Andrew Carnegie, the world was my playground. When I reached the age of ten years old, I realized that we lived in a winter wonderland that extended from State College to the Bald Eagle Mountain near Port Matilda in one direction, and from Matternville to Tyrone in the other direction. Most of the area mentioned, was owned by both the Commonwealth’s state game lands and the Harbison Walker Refractory Company. This tract of land was approximately a twenty mile, by twelve mile strip of un-occupied land called the “Barrens”, due to the strip mining that had taken place and the lumbering to provide Coke for the Iron Furnaces, which stripped the land. The result was lush, thick scrub oak called red brush, which grew to a height of six to eight feet in areas, making the landscape look the same in every direction and Barren. I grew up in this area, played and explored and had many adventures there. Winter was one of the favored times, because you could sled ride down mining slopes on old tin sheets or down icy mining roads in an old car hood, build snow forts from blocks of drifted, hard snow or just have a good old snowball fight with the neighborhood kids…..All 6 of them. Times back then were tough… money was scarce and kids hung out together at each others houses, because a lot of the time in the winter, it was too cold to play outside. I remember waking up on cold winter mornings and seeing fine snow swirling into my bedroom from around the window frame, highlighted brightly, by the sun shining through the frosted window panes. Sometimes you could see the curtains move as the winter winds blew in. We dressed under the covers, which amounted to heavy “haps”. Sometimes, when they were calling for heavy snow storms… dad would hang haps across the doorway to the living room downstairs and we would all sleep in the living room with a kerosene heater running to keep us from freezing in our sleep. See why I don’t consider this panty waist, skiff of snow anything special? We really have it made these days……we have a snow blower and a tractor with a bucket on the front and then four wheel drive vehicles too. Let it snow…… who cares? Not Me.
Come on Christmas!! And tomorrow they’re calling for another foot of snow!!!

Here is Vick's latest masterpiece. I love it!

The barn's first winter.

The Pupskill Lake Pond

The Potting Shed

The dog run entry.

The back yard

The tractor shed

Our "Dog proof" Christmas Tree

Rear deck, looking at the Pupskill Lake Pond.

Rear deck from another view.

Where I like to spend a snowy day with Vick.

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