Sunday, December 14

Sunday Eve, Dec. 14th… Another cold winter day ends before it begins………

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We put up with winter weather for the last week and have withstood today, another cold windy frozen winter day and you know what……… it isn’t even winter yet! That’s right…… with all this cold, snow and ice we’ve had, we’re not even past fall 08’ yet! Winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st this year. Boy oh boy…I can’t wait to see what is in store for us when we get into winter!
Today, we let the chickens and ducks out and it seems there is a duck missing this evening. Now we don’t know for sure, but if it is missing, it is one of the three young Rouen ducks and I know for a fact that I’ve seen them frequent the underside of the duck house with Blackie. Blackie goes in under there to get away from the other male ducks all the time and I suppose it is fairly decent under there as far as the temperaturegoes, because both the duck floor and chicken floor overhead are insulated with wood chips and the 55 degree ground temperature is also insulated by the buildings. Perhaps he is under there and just didn’t come out or was out with the rat pack inthe run and in the building and went back under when we went out to put the other ducks inside at dusk. It could be possible that a hawk dove down and scooped him up, but you’d think there would be feathers at the sight of the hit. I know a hawk can kill almost instantly, but I still thought there would be a few feathers anyway. I’ll look a lot closer tomorrow when it is light. Looking now in the dark is a fruitless venture and all I will accomplish is frostbite of my pinkies….. And toes.
Tomorrow marks the beginning of another day…..another week. We will venture into Albany to pick up Vick’s new glasses, some needed groceries and whatever else Vick wants to take care of. There is talk about picking up our ham for Christmas Eve at the Honey Ham Store. When we get home, I might clean the new barn's chicken house, the old chicken house and the duck house since we can pull the tractor and bucket right up to the door now. Perhaps a few new 2b stone in the duck run would be appreciable to both Vick and I when we are in there feeding and watering. It’s like a gushy mud flat right now. It would also require a trip to Agway for more wood chips too. That is tomorrow's plan if it is early, warm and not raining when we get home. If not……….Phfffft!

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