Monday, December 15

Monday, Dec. 15th… Ever notice that it never works out right????

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Today was going to be the day…… the day we would empty the new barn’s chicken coop and then move to the duck house and finally the old chicken house, spray disinfectant and lay down new, dry wood chips. To do this, I was hoping Vick and I would have a nice warm day. Well, today is gonna be warm, but anything but nice. They are calling for afternoon rain, which looks like it will start anytime, judging from the sky and we need to be able to let the animals run free to perform the cleaning and disposal properly, so it looks like today is not going to be the day! Besides, who wants to wade duck and chicken do-do in the rain???????? Have you ever walked on wet ice… downhill???? With this in mind, I think today would be better used (and appreciated) if we did go to Albany, pick up Vick’s new glasses, find a nice place to have brunch or lunch, stop at Kinko’s and make some copies of Vick’s watercolors, hit the Honey Ham Store on Wolf’s Road to get Christmas eve’s meal for the family……… do anything else that comes to mind and then return to our safe haven for the remainder of this rainy day. If it should clear off, we could still do whatever we need to do. We still need to bring the previously frozen pine boughs to the front porch today while they are thawed so we can string and wind them into garland for the pasture fence along the driveway. We need to place my mother’s Christmas tree on the potting shed porch, string some lights there and at the barn too.
Vick will be busy making things for the Christmas Eve dinner, but I got a jump on her yesterday. I boiled up two dozen eggs, placed the beets, juice, vinegar, sugar and eggs in a big plastic jug and put them in the basement refrigerator to pickle. By Christmas Eve, everyone in the family can have their first taste of an old fashioned Pennsylvania Dutch pickled egg. Maybe I’ll look at an oyster casserole too. Gotta help Vick any place I can, ya know! She’ll have a big dinner to prepare and I know she appreciates me helping…….even though I end up under foot a lot…
But she loves me anyway!

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