Tuesday, December 16

Tues. Dec. 16th… Today is the day to do it…and we are…

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Today we are going to clean house……. Ahhh ….. Chicken House!!!!! The weather is a cold 29 degrees, which means the ground is solid and will not rut too bad, so we are gonna turn the animals loose and clean house! We have designed all the buildings to allow the front end loader to be placed right at the door for easy removal of the chicken dung, so I’ll be "a shovelin’" and Vick will be "a front end loadin’" to the compost heap near the woods. We are gonna take time first to hit the bake shop for a nice bowl of soup and then the Agway for a pile of wood chips for the cleaned out buildings. We like to empty the dung, sweep and then we like to put down a cherry smelling deodorant, disinfectant spray, before sprinkling new wood chips on the top. It makes everything smell so clean and fresh and kills any bacteria left from the chicken poop we removed, if there was any. It is supposed to snow some later this week, and since it is only 8 days, 14 hours, 13 minutes until Christmas, we want to get this done today so we can enjoy the holidays.
It certainly would be a blessing if someone would show up and move these 40 dozen eggs we have! We are slowly rotating them out, because we average selling about four dozen eggs a day, and that is the same speed that we are gathering them, so at worst, the eggs are only about 10 days old at any given time. They tell me that years ago, there used to be guys up here, that traveled to the city on a regular basis, which would buy eggs from the farms here and sell them to contacts in the city. They then, resold them there and everyone made a little money. We sell ours here for half the cost of keeping the birds, just to have the chickens on the farm. This was all a life long dream to have animals and a small farm, and when the Alpacas and Angora rabbits are here this summer and we shear their coats, spin it and knit things from it and have the Hospice gift shop built and running, we will have completed that dream. We can sell items we make in our farm store and the Hospice Gift Shop and maybe We can look at FDA approval for the eggs so we can sell them locally in the small stores here too if the FDA isn’t impossible to work with. We’ll see.

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