Tuesday, December 16

Tues. Eve, Dec. 16th… We’re almost ready for some Snow!!!

Well, we finished the chicken and duck houses today, like we wanted to before the snow hit. Now all we have to do is go back out in the night’s freezing temperatures and bring in the pine boughs we cut last week for garland we are going to make for the pasture fence. I still need to place the Christmas tree inside the potting shed window and string the lights on the porch there and the barn. Hard to believe Vick and I are retired and so busy we can’t even get our Christmas lights up. We did, however, get our Christmas tree up in the house about two weeks ago, so it’s not as bad as it sounds.
Everyone has been asking about the missing duck in the blog emails and comments. He is still among the missing. Not a feather anywhere or evidence of a scuffle or anything. I fear a hawk came swooping down and hit him, picked him up and took off again. I know they have the ability to kill immediately…..almost without a struggle, but I still thought I would find a feather or two.
When we go out to get the pine boughs, I’ll snap a few pictures of the chicken coops and the duck house so everyone can see what we accomplished. Later Vick and I will knit some scarves for hospice. She taught me how to knit so we could produce several different scarves for the Hospice gift shop (along with a ton of other ideas), so we’re working on some of them. I’ll show you a picture of my handy work as a “girlieman for Hospice” when I post the pictures of the barn & chicken coops.
I’m Vick’s favorite “girlieman”, because I cook, clean up in the kitchen, help around the house and knit for Hospice. I don’t mind and when she could hardly get around with her herniated disc, I carried her pocketbook for her……… in fact, I made her get a new one… one I liked…… with a shoulder strap. I suppose I look strange to other women when I’m standing in the ladies bra and underwear section, holding Vick’s purse while she is trying things on, but I don’t care. I never did march to everyone else’s parade, wasn’t big on peer pressure…… in fact, I was kind of a lone wolf, so I never had to please anyone but myself. Now, I’m happy to please Vick with anything she would ask of me. I’m posting the text now and will post the pictures in a new blog entry when I come back inside, so if they aren't under this post, check back later.

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