Wednesday, December 17

Pictures from my last post of Dec. 7th...

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I had all kinds of trouble trying to upload the following pictures after posting the text portion last night. It took almost three minutes to load the page no matter where you went in Blogger after that, so I dumped it and redid it this way. Now everything is ok.

This is the "Senior Citizen" hen house.

Nesting boxes in the "Senior Citizen" hen house.

Outside run for the ducks

inside the duck house

This is Phillip Pheasant

I'm too sexy for my clothes...too sexy don't ya know... I'm sexy where I go.
The new Barn chicken coop

New coop

Claudia de putt-putt

Sir Dorasal Dempseey

Vick and Timmy..... She loves to torment him with her affections..

The "Girlie Man" knitting a Hospice scarf....

Sedwick Von Chick

Tina roosing on the steps to the loft.

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