Wednesday, December 10

Wednesday Eve, Dec. 10th… The rain is gone and now the snow……

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Still a few hours of rain predicted….then nothing …. then rain ….. then snow ….. then nothing again. You know, like I always said when I lived in Pennsylvania, they can’t tell you what yesterdays weather was and get it right, usually. I think they project the best they can, but you know, seldom is it right. Why they give you a 10 day forecast when they can’t even do tomorrow with any degree of of accuracy is beyond my comprehension. I guess I’ll know what is coming when I awaken tomorrow and look out the window. If it’s overcast, I’ll know it’s cloudy. If I get wet when I go out and look up, I’ll know it’s probably raining. If it’s cold and white rain flutters down into my eye, I’ll guess it’s snowing. If it’s dark outside, I’ll bet the sun has set and it might be night time. That’s how the weather works…..that’s how I will work it too.
I seem to hatching a cold or at least a good sinus infection because there is definitely a sinus drip and a little coughing and hacking in the morning until I get some good hot coffee in me. I have a tender head and feel like I’ve been rabbit punched in a boxing match. Perhaps some of it might be the dinner wine, after dinner wine and Sambucca in the espresso after the fine dinner last night at our neighbors house. I did relish a substantial amount of all the above before bidding them farewell for the evening and heading home. Anyway, I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to go over my blood work results and see if I can get a flu shot. Perhaps with the threat of a cold or something brewing, she will not give me the shot, but I will still see what my new sugar numbers and such are since losing the weight, so I can’t wait. I will probably be a little late with a blog tomorrow due to the appointment, but keep watching.
Hope someone comes by to buy some eggs. We’re sitting on about 42 dozen chicken eggs and 2 dozen duck eggs out there. When you least expect it the guy from the city comes in asking for all we have. With the holiday coming……… who knows?

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