Friday, January 30

Fri. Jan. 30th… One more day and we’re closer to spring……

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Remove Formatting from selectionOne more day……One more day…… and after each is over….we are that much closer to March 20th and spring!
Today started out so much better than the others the last couple of days and it was nice. I took off for the barn with some warm water in a milk jug to soak the water bottle tips into. This melts the ice from the metal drink tubes where it seems to freeze first, then the bunnies can’t get water from their bottles which hardly ever freeze, since there is a heat lamp over each bottle. This morning…… there was no ice…… Nothing was frozen, nothing but the rear sliding door, like yesterday…… Only today, I happily walked around the pasture gate and into the Alpaca door. I had birds and bunnies fed, watered and eggs gathered in short order and was on my way back to the house. The rest of my time was spent having breakfast, consisting of eggs bacon and toast with coffee……… a meal fit for a king, prepared by Sweet Vicki, with love. Then we worked on some computer problems and making a sample bag for display at the Agway where people are now starting to drop off bags for the “Back to Green with Hospice” feed bags which we are making into shopping bags (as seen below)
Finally, here are a few pictures of the shopping bag, Robin and Vick cooking, sitting in the computer room knitting and Vick’s latest artwork.
Soon we will leave to go to Richie’s for Friday evening dinner and a visit so they can all meet Robin.

Below is some misc. glass too.......

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A picture Vick did for my dad

Vick hard at work making Gnocci's.... an Italian specialty.

Vicki still letting on she was working so hard! Robin made the Gnocci's, but Vick helped!

Sweet Vicki and Robin, the Georgia Peach!

Vick working on a "Go Green With Hospice" bag.

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