Friday, January 23

Friday, Jan. 23rd… Got the lumber for the stalls today……

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Today we had an appointment at the Greene County Dept. of soil and water conservation to have a soil assessment on our farm acreage completed which is the final step to getting farm status officially from the county. We have informally passed, as noted by a phone call Vick made the other day, inquiring as to why it was taking so long and if there was anything wrong. The person she talked to said that the paperwork had just cleared and we were approved, so now we were to go to Cairo, to the soil and water conservation department and get the paperwork from them for the soil analysis. We returned from there this afternoon with the needed paperwork and now we can take it to the town clerk.
Ed Pooters, from Middle Field Lumber called and said our lumber list was finished and ready to pick up too. We jumped into the truck and headed over to his mill, paid and loaded the wood and was on our way back in less than 15 minutes. The lumber is for the stall railing inside the barn needed for the Alpacas. We will work on that when it is a little warmer and we feel better. I still just don’t feel 100% yet and there are too many people with the flu or Bronchitis everywhere around us, so we have learned to stay away and be cautious when we feel a little down. It’s better to take it easy and stay ahead of the cold and flu season…… especially since we are retired and can lay down and rest when we feel lousy. I think your body can fight off the infections and germs if you are well rested, warm and drink lots of fluids.
We did go to GNH to see about tickets for the chicken and biscuit dinner they are holding at the Methodist Church tomorrow afternoon and evening. It is volunteer offering dinner, where you donate whatever you like…… Imagine, the ladies of the church…… elderly gourmet cooks, their entire lives… making chicken and gravy over biscuits! And a pile of it!!!!! We can’t wait!
It was brought to my attention…… and I believe correctly diagnosed that my ankles are aching from the way I sit while operating the knitting machine. I’ve also noticed a tender area in my side that hurts when I breath. It is quite probably muscles now working which I’m not used to using, that is causing the pain. It was diagnosed as “Scarf el Tunnel Syndrome”.
Now whadda ya tink a dat? Anyway……here are a few pictures of the scarf pile and ones we’re working on.
Finally, here’s a few pictures of our little girl, that has become a lady in the last week or so. She is better with the diaper, but still embarrassed that she has to wear it. Our little diaper dog………

The latest scarf and hat combo.... Only gonna be around $32.00 + shipping.

Here's the red & speckled scarf and hat combo....
$32.00 + shipping too.

The red, white & blue is just a tasseled scarf.
$22.00 + shipping.

An embarrassed Casey Mae, to say the least.

How disgusting and rude to show her when she is this embarrassed!

Sheesh....Do ya gotta show me?

Ah we go again.

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