Thursday, January 22

Jan. 22nd… A day spent making scarves & a hat……

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Since I was recovering from a day of yucky feelings, left over from yesterday and Vick had just about the same thing today…… we just hung around here at home, working on making scarves for the hospice gift shop. We made one that is red white and blue and another that is red with colored speckles and a matching hat to go with it. I’m gonna fire up the machine and make another one of yellow and blue after finishing this blog entry, but I’ll take a little break for a glass of wine with Vicki first. I’m really starting to enjoy a glass of Bully Hill’s “Sweet Walter Red” sweet red after dinner wine in the evening. It’s actually pretty good for you…… keeps your stomach in tip top working order, the way I understand it!! Anyway, it’s really good and lingers on the palate when sipped and allowed to circulate around in your mouth before swallowing.
I have some new thing going on with my ankles now. They are so sore, even when sitting, that it is difficult to sit still. They both feel like they have been severely sprained for some reason. I didn’t do anything that I can remember which would warrant this type of pain. I guess they’ll feel lots better when they quit hurting…… Usually that’s how it works, you know…… when the hurting goes away, it feels pretty darned good then. In fact…I’ve always noticed that I really didn’t mind the pain once it was gone.
Vick just finished the knit hat and is now working on the sewing of the scarf along the side and ends. It’s a long process, because I think this red and speckled scarf is about nine feet long and seven inches wide. It will be one that can be wrapped around ones neck and still remain long enough to be inside your coat, or can be wrapped around the neck twice and worn outside the coat. Shorter scarves never stay in place because they are just a tad too short to do so. Well, I think I’ll stop now and get to work. Uh…after my wine that is... yummy, yumm, yumm……

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