Thursday, January 22

Thurs. 1/22… Dear God… if you have some time Please Consider……

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Dear God, I’ve been meaning to touch base with you on a few issues and concerns about current events, both in my life and everyone else’s. Knowing that I am not one of your more shining stars, due to the many mistakes I have made and continue to make on a daily basis, I will start with those concerns for others within the world I also occupy. Could you do something about the Middle East conflicts which are constantly raging out of control? I know you want man to settle their own problems with the heart and conscience you gave them, but there are too many innocent little children being hurt, maimed and killed as those adults continue to make their massive, selfish, mistakes, which seem to drive us further and further into the turmoil. I know you want everyone of them to one day, come to the conclusion that, realizing that their religious beliefs and those of the other guy are basically the same…… and that you are only judged upon your own beliefs and actions, so we had better quit doing things which are offensive to you, such as killing someone because they believe in you in a different way. I think perhaps you could inject a small tidbit of understanding into each person, in the amount which seems appropriate to you, so as to limit the suffering and injuries to the children.
Next, could you speed up the process of searching for a cure for cancer and some of the other nasty diseases that kill more little innocent kids? I really wish we could please you by using our resources and wealth to accomplish this task, but unfortunately, too much funding is wasted on perpetuating the first problem….. So, could you help us find a cure in the name of the little ones and we’ll continue looking for the adult cures… where there is a difference?
Finally, I will only address one more problem of the world in general…… and that would be for you to intervene in any way you can, to help us stop destroying the world we live in. You created such beauty all around us and gave us a brain to develop miraculous things, yet we mar the world we live in, poison the water we drink… the air we breath and continue to do so as we argue about the causes and ways to reverse the damage done. You know…… most people say they care, but continue to litter and selfishly use anything they want, at any cost.
Now…… I was going to ask for a little help for myself with what I thought were big problems, like my knee troubles and aches and pains as I get older, but I think I’ll just let the list be comprised of the things others need.
Upon reflection…… I’m pretty healthy, happy and wealthy… Oh… and thank you more than anything for Vicki. A greater, loving gift, I could never hope to receive, because after all…. I have YOU and HER! Perhaps you can just work on the others. Sincerely, one of your little creations, Skip

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