Wednesday, January 21

Wed. Jan. 21st… Not up to snuff… like the rest of the world???

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We got up this morning early… and as Vick got ready to go to an appointment, I fed and watered all the animals & gathered eggs. We left by 8:45 and headed to Schenectady to meet with Kim, a professional photographer that does Giclee’ prints and other technical print processes. She is going to do a few Giclee’ prints of Vicki’s watercolor paintings for my cousin in Mississippi. Kim is the professional printer Stanley Maltzman uses to do any prints of his artwork any time he wants to sell print copies, so we decided to drive up and drop off Vicki’s originals and have the prints made. We are going to have many for Kim to print off for sale in the hospice gift shop later.
Not feeling just exactly up to snuff on the way back, I curled up on the couch in front of the pellet stove from the time we got home until we went to the library for an art gathering we have once a month and we painted a little.
BAD NEWS!!!! We started the red ball of yarn last night, got a three foot section completed and then found that the machine malfunctioned and we started over. This time we got about two feet completed and it jammed again, dropping several stitches, which required we start over again. At this point, we both decided that it was not worth the hassle, because upon examining the quality of the knit, we found it to be too thin and flimsy to use this yarn anyway, so today, on our way home, we stopped and picked up some more yarn…… only suitable to be used as the scarf and hat set we want to produce.
Right now, since I don’t feel the greatest, so I will just schlump around this evening and hope to feel better tomorrow. I blame it on everything being upset today with such an early departure. I didn’t even make a pot of coffee this morning or anything…… so maybe I’m just down a quart or something. Well see.

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