Tuesday, January 20

Tues. Jan. 20th… A day of production… Presidential & us Peons

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The inauguration and all the associated programs of the new president, including the parties and presidential balls, are still going on and will, until the wee hours of the morning. It all happened without incident, thank goodness! I did hear about a bomb threat in New Jersey, on one of the highways, just a few minutes ago but it had nothing to do with the inauguration… at least they didn’t say it did. We watched a little and then went on with business as usual…… after all, we need to keep busy. Below are a few pictures showing the scarves we have done so far and what we have in process right now. We are making them as fast as we can, both on the machine and by hand… because Vick has Hospice Hearts to make too. I don’t know……. I might add another section to the Hospice page or lengthen the page to add a button, where you can order these scarves on-line until we get the hospice gift shop built this spring. I have a picture of the building I designed, which we are ready to take to the town hall to apply for the permit, so we are ready to start construction as soon as the first hint of spring arrives. The town clerk and building inspector seemed to think there wouldn’t be any problems getting the permit since it is for a charity like hospice, so we were happy about that. I need to get cracking on this because I will do the wiring inside too and that will need to be inspected and approved before we can open it to the public and have our grand opening. Anyway, maybe we could sell several scarves during the construction which would allow us to build the hospice revenue we will turn over to the Columbia-Greene Hospice program. Watch the last picture…… the red ball of yarn…… it’s a ball of yarn tonight and I’ll show it to you tomorrow night as a scarf measuring about six feet long with fringes on the ends.
I’ll run the knitting machine and Vick will feed me the yarn from the ball…… in about thirty minutes, we will have a six foot scarf and Vick will start sew it into a two-ply, warm, fluffy scarf. If it were not for the sewing which takes a couple hours, we would have the scarf done in about forty-five minutes. When I am done with the machine, we have a knitted piece six feet long by fourteen inches wide. We then double it and sew it to a finished size of six feet long by seven inches wide. The last thing we do is add the fringe tassels. Anyway…… watch for the red ball to transform to a beautiful scarf.

These four scarves are ready for sale. The pastel one and the red one, was done on the machine by both Vick and I...the blue and brown & white one I did by hand.

The one on the knitting needles is the one I'm working on right now by hand.

The red & black, purple and off white ones are in process by Vicki. She is doing these by hand and was waiting for more yarn to finish them.

The red and pastel ones have to be sewn across the ends and down the six foot length and then, the tassels added. Vick does the sewing... I do the knitting on the machine while she feed yard to me from the skeins.

We're knitting fools and won't be able to keep up when people start to purchase them. They are only going to cost $22.00. We are proud to announce that 100% of the net proceeds goes to hospice....... we get nothing but the pride derived by making them for such a good cause.

This big red ball of yarn tonight will be a scarf tomorrow evening. If Vick didn't need to sew over seven feed of it by hand, it would be done tonight in an hour.

Later this summer, we are looking forward to knitting these items from our own Alpaca wool, harvested, carded, spun and knitted into merchandise, right here on the farm, that we will sell in the hospice gift shop, with 100% of the proceeds going to the hospice program. We know that people will be glad to purchase such exotic items, especially when they are made from Alpaca wool, right here on the farm..... and positively... when every penny spent, goes to such a worthy cause! We can't wait.

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