Tuesday, January 20

Tues. Jan. 20th… Back to normal on an abnormal day……

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The weekend is now over, Bill, Loraine and Andrew are back to the regular grind, at home, in Long Island and we are starting to return to the hum drum of everyday life again, until the beginning of next week, when we drive to Newark Airport to pick up our friend Robin, who is flying in from Georgia for an eleven day stay with us. Vicki hasn’t seen Robin in about three years or so, when Robin flew into New Jersey and visited Vick. She primarily went there to drive her father and his vehicle back to Georgia, where he would then live with Robin, but she dropped by Vick's house and visited for a bit before leaving with her dad and driving home. Vicki is very happy and eager for Robin to arrive and I am looking forward to finally getting to really know her……… other than briefly talking on the phone or in an email.
Today, history will be made! I saw the hoards of people standing in the freezing cold, awaiting noon and the inauguration of Barrack Obama as the 44th President of the United States…… and again I fear for the safety of the man in such a large group of amassed people. As I’ve stated previously…… although I didn’t care for him and didn’t vote for him, I now stand behind him and support him. The suspicions I had about his squalid relationships with the wrong people in the wrong places and their agendas un-becoming to the welfare of our nation, are still in the back of my mind, but I will wish him well and pray that I was paranoid in those suspicions and hope for the promises he has made to come true…… after all, we are all in this thing together and we all agree that things must change. I wish him God speed in his endeavors, now and in the future.
We just got our weekly fax, telling us what our Tuesday soup lunch will consist of today at the Two Kids Bakery. We treat ourselves to a nice soup and homemade bread lunch, every Tuesday, with Keren and Reggie Ratcliffe, the owners of the bakery. We have come to enjoy the weekly visit and can honestly say it is one of our favorite places to have lunch. Everything is so very delicious because they use the highest quality ingredients to produce the tastiest soups, sandwiches and breads around. We will take our friend Robin there next week for a scrumptious lunch…… after all, she has read so much about them, that she can hardly wait to get here and dine there with us.

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