Monday, January 19

Monday Eve, Jan. 19th… Our company has left… we’re all alone…

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The holiday is done…everyone has gone home and we have the house to ourselves and it’s really quiet right now. I know that Bill, Loraine and Andrew loved their weekend… but were ready to go home to the comfort of their own surroundings… TV… meals and yes… to some degree… even to get back to the grind of familiar things like work and getting ready to return to college classes and the Lacrosse practices. We will not be lonely because we have each other… and all the critters, not to mention five dogs always under foot. When Bill pulled out of the driveway and they were on their way home, we gathered ourselves up, put the dogs in their assigned places and went to Gem Woodstoves, in Cairo, to pick up ten bags of pellets from George, the owner. He wasn’t there, so we did as he told us to do when Vick called telling him, we wanted to come down for them and after loading the ten bags of pellets, we placed the check in his mail slot in the door. Upon returning and unloading them unto the porch, we took off for Coxsackie and had a pizza at Paul’s Pizza and Pasta. The pizza was as good as usual and since Vick was all cooked out for the day, she really enjoyed being waited on. We got home, I took the garbage out to the road for tomorrow morning, Vick grabbed a Disaronno with crème and I, a glass of Sweet Walter Red wine and we both settled in front of the computers to read emails. After reading and addressing any that needs answers, we will knit or do something for the hospice gift shop until bed time. We also, always await a call from Loraine, letting us know they arrived at home without any trouble, before going to bed, so making things for the hospice program is a good way to pass time until they make it home and call. I updated Loraine’s web page with an addition of a consultant or colleague’s business card, as she has done for Loraine on her web page earlier. I then added a restricted page for Loraine that will allow her to track where her visitors are coming from and when they visited. She will also be able to tell how many people visited each day, but only she will be able to see these statistics, thus, keeping the professionalism intact on her site. She has recently published a book on an auditory processing disorder which afflicts many people without their knowledge. Take a look at her site, read about the book and if you think for a moment that you know of someone that may have this disorder, please change their life for the better by directing them to her site for the help this affordable book can provide. Her site is Once there, just click on the “my book” button at the left.
Tomorrow we will inevitably end up at the bakery for our weekly soup lunch and then get a haircut at Hairtique, where Spring will again enjoy Oriental chewing gum that Vick gives her, to “make her day”, as she stands there all day long, just a cuttin’ hair. If the temperature is as high tomorrow as today, I will try to start the Cub Cadet, Which I am convinced will start now that the temperature has moderated a little, because we never had trouble starting it at 30 degrees before. When it was zero out, I wasn’t surprised that it didn’t start either.
Tomorrow is the inauguration of President elect Obama, which I hope goes smoothly, even though I didn’t like or vote for him. I think there is some weirdo’s out there that will try to stop him from being president by wanting to harm him in some way or another, and even though I didn’t vote for him, I would hate to see him hurt or killed by these weirdo extremists. Perhaps he can do as he said and pull the country out of the crapper, but I doubt it, because unlike popular belief…… I don’t think the woe’s of the world should be singularly placed on George Bush’s shoulders, because there are a lot of other factors and fingers in the pie too……therefore a new baker probably can’t make the crust more fluffy if the other helper’s keep on throwing in flour, milk and eggs, like in the past. I wish him luck and good health… he’ll need it!

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