Monday, January 19

Monday, Jan. 19th… Battling the harsh winter cold up here……

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During the stay of our company from Long Island, New York, we seldom have any free time to do blog planning or picture processing, etc., etc. without taking time away from the company which I feel to be rude and unappreciative of their visit, so I do little in the way of blog writing or planning. This would then appear to be a sign, that I don‘t care about our readers, which is definitely not true either, so at this time, I would ask that you all please remain patient and allow Vick and I the consideration of being in the middle, between not wanting to make our family guests feel neglected……. And you, our readers, feel unappreciated or either.
During this time in the morning when everyone remains in bed, snuggled under the fleece blankets, enjoying the last day of their three day extravaganza, in which they do not have to be up before daylight, struggling through the morning commute of the busiest of cities in the world…… I sit and try to form something interesting, yet intelligent enough to be, at least equivalent to a poor copy of the farmers almanac……… and you know…… that could be an insult to the almanac sometimes.
This morning, among my thoughts were tidbit wonderings of how to overcome the freezing problems of the animals water. We have already purchased heated buckets…….but just how cold can it be outside and still have them keep the water from freezing. That is now the first question I will research over the net when our family heads for home this evening. I thought about wrapping some type of insulation around the bucket to protect the heating ability from the overly harsh -15 degree temperatures we have had the last several nights, knowing that when the outside temperature starts to moderate toward more realistic 15 degree nights and 30 to 35 degree days, the water may warm up to become tempered around the seasonal norm. I doubt the ducks will care about drinking warmer water than they have been. The question is……… what to use for insulation around the bucket that a duck will not shred to smithereens or soak, which will in turn, freeze and be useless? More research!! I wish I could find a dense, closed cell, pliable foam sheeting that I could duct tape around the bucket, which will be waterproof. Perhaps one of those foam exercise mats would be useable. That and a roll of duct tape could solve our winter problems. Hey…… thanks for your help… I couldn’t have done it without ya!

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