Sunday, January 18

Sun. Jan. 18th… Losing eggs, going here.. Going there & dancing……

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We went out this morning, fed the animals… watered them and removed the frozen eggs from the refrigerator… There were probably 15 to 18 dozen we lost due to the freezing cold. We had moved all but that amount to the house and placed them into the refrigerator yesterday so we would not have to go out there to get eggs in the freezing cold when someone came to get them. Boy, am I glad we did. I noticed that the temperature dropped to a frigid 34 degrees inside the refrigerator, so We brought the eggs into the house…..all but the ones I dumped today. Had I continued to bring them all inside, we would not have lost any eggs to the frigid temperatures which finally reached about 15 degrees inside the refrigerator. Once the temperature dropped like that, they froze and cracked in the boxes and became unfit to keep or sell.
Last evening, Vicki, Me, Bill, Andrew and Loraine made it to dinner at Green Hill Café in Norton Hill, and then headed for the Villa Vosilla where we watched Joe perform in their dining room, for the dinner guests. It is the first time I ever had the privilege to see or hear Joe perform in a professional setting, or while he was formally entertaining. He was great! He sounded good and performed and played as smooth as ever, proving to all involved that he was not past his prime…….
in fact… not even nearing the rocking chair mode he was afraid he was approaching. He performed from six until ten thirty, playing for forty-five minutes, then taking a fifteen minute break, then back to playing again. We recorded his performance, but he asked that we would not post it on the blog, which we agreed to. We will however post the following pictures snapped as we watched and recorded the program on DVD.

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The Great Joe Drao....Live

My beautiful Vicki and Me

L to R : Kenny, Joe, Vicki & Skip

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