Saturday, January 17

Sat. Jan. 17th… Cold is cold….but this is ridiculous… at times……

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This morning started out at 15 below zero on the rear deck again, but quickly soared all the way up to 10 degrees, as was noted in the barn, as we picked eggs from the chickens as they sat in their nests. They didn't want to vacate their nests, even after laying their eggs, because they were so cozy and comfortable with the heat lamps shining on them. One nest even had three chickens stuffed in the same compartment, which I thought was ingenious. Just like there is safety in numbers..... so, is there heat in groups of huddled chickens.
We did have one problem and that was that I found water in the refrigerator starting to freeze, so we pulled all the eggs to the house and placed then in the refrigerator in the basement. Shortly after that, we checked the refrigerator in the barn again and the actual temperature was 17 degrees inside. Obviously removing the eggs and having the door open, allowed the temperature to drop like a rock. It is now so cold, that the refrigerator can’t control the temperature at the 38 degree set point until the frigid Canadian cold front passes and we get back to our regular temperatures. I'm sure the compressor of the refrigerator has not run in several days now and won't until it warms up again. You know it’s cold when the refrigerator can’t keep the eggs warm??????????????? I wonder what they do in northern Canada and Alaska? Do they use heatalators to keep their cold foods properly??
Our family company, slept in this morning which is exactly what anyone on vacation should do. Once done blogging, I will introduce Andrew to the world of reloading. There will be about a half hour getting set up, because all the components are still in the boxes, so must be pulled out, the press mounted on the bench and possibly…… we might need to install lag bolts into the floor to keep the bench down against the floor when I am resizing the brass. Sometimes, it takes a lot of force to draw the brass back to the original size after firing them in the rifle. I think Andrew will be very interested in reloading, because it’s something you very seldom are lucky enough to see being done… and we can then shoot a few rounds of the ammunition we reload.
Later this afternoon, we will go to Green Hill Café to have an early dinner, so we can then go to the Villa Vosilla to watch and record Joe (Vick’s father) perform for the weekend crowd in their beautiful night club ballroom. I’ll post a few pictures and possibly a little recording of his performance if I can, later tonight or tomorrow morning.

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