Monday, January 12

Mon. January 12th… Boob day…USA… finally after three years…

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You know…… it might have been four years, so she says……… in any event, due to the love I have for her, a keen liking of her lovely feminine assets and quite honestly, after joking around about the previous reasons……… most of all her healthy, well being… I’m extremely glad to say, she kept her appointment for her “annual” mammogram today. In the future, we will strive to make her “annual” visit actually fall within a twelve month window, rather than the thirty-six to forty-eight month, year she has kept in the past. Vick’s appointment was eleven o’clock this morning, so we ended up leaving early, traveled down the road to Catskill for her appointment at Greene County Imaging, then went on down to Kingston and lunch at the China Bowl. We also hit Gander Mountain and picked up a few of their excellent quality flannel shirts and I got one of their heavy, felt style, chamois shirts, which are very, very, warm. It is a fawn color and one that will look very nice when worn to a semi-formal function in the winter time. Vick got a really nice Gander Mountain, hooded, jacket style flannel shirt with a zippered front. Very slick looking and warm!!!!!
She also grabbed a heavy flannel shirt to wear around the house when the temperature dips into the single digits.
While down there, we hit a few of their wine stores, looking for our favorites, but they didn’t have any. Huh……… No taste down in that town…… too bad they didn’t build Gander Mountain in Albany where all the good folks shop (and they have quality wines too.) Even Coxsackie has better wines and liquors…not to mention nicer people than Kingston and Catskill too. I feel so sorry for the few really nice people we did meet in both those towns, but they should move to a more Northern area where nice people are the norm……… not an isolated exception to the rest there.
After returning home this afternoon, we snuggled up on the couch in front of the pellet stove, with all five dogs around us and drifted off to dreamland until about six o’clock this evening. How nice it is to have such a cozy living room with a comfy couch and be able to snuggle with the most beautiful woman God ever made. (sorry ladies…… Please don’t misconstrue my words to show that I’m saying each and every one of you aren’t beautiful or sensuous and sexy, but that is for some other man to tell you….I have my own sweetheart to ogle and be in love with……… and she IS the most beautiful woman in the world to me!)

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