Tuesday, January 13

Tues. Jan 13th… Another clear morning going to the dogs……

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Good morning from the cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm!! A bet a lot of people wonder why we called it that, and if you just have enough patience to wait a little while longer, it would be extremely evident to you. We will soon have the Alpacas here and we'll be building an addition to the existing barn already, to house a bunny hutch…… where we will house the promised four German Angora rabbits we will be getting from Claudia this summer. She won’t have a litter until all the young are promised and since a litter consists of at least six young… she will need to have two more sold before she will breed one of her does. We may need to take all six if she doesn’t have any more interested parties between now and this spring.
The Alpacas are due here around the end of March or so…… maybe sooner if we can’t stand to wait for them. It is easy now, because of the winter cold and snow. (which doesn’t bother them at all, by the way!) The barn is all but ready for them to arrive and will be before they get here. Spring officially arrives on March 20th this year, so I’d expect a few mildly warm days around then, that we can build and hang the last gate to the pasture and add the support posts and cables to both. Ed Pooter’s will be calling soon to say the stable stall, lumber order is ready to pick up and we'll need a 6 x 6 corner post for the stall yet, which we will pick up at GNH lumber.
Well, to make a long story short…… I think with chickens, ducks, guinea foul, turkeys rabbits, Alpacas and German long haired Angora rabbits on site… you can see why Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm was a good name for our little piece of heaven.
Now for the “going to the dogs” portion…… we have another ridge of low pressure carrying snow to us from across Pennsylvanian again. It will reach us around noon I suppose, but I could care less. I got a phone call from Rose, my step-mother, telling me that they took my dad back into surgery again this morning for an infection and soreness in a spot on his arm that they operated on in the middle of last week. The biopsy came back as cancerous, which we expected. We didn’t expect however, for the spot to become infected or whatever is going on and be so painful. Rose will keep us informed as things progress. Dad won’t care…..he’s like me… if it’s cancer….cut it out and don’t stop until there’s nothing’ left. It is a worry to me however, because we lost my mom to cancer in 2002. She waged a courageous thirty seven year battle with the "Big C" before succumbing to it though!! That’s why it’s very important, to see a doctor about anything out of the ordinary immediately and have it taken care of immediately. That’s another reason why you should live every day to the fullest, because maybe…… tomorrow…… isn’t on the menu. What can a person do except enjoy the life they have, love those around you and plan for the future….. Then using all of this, try to create the life you dream about. Below are a few pictures of Iggy and Luke, our Alpacas. Two are recent and two were taken last summer at shearing time.

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This was Iggy a couple of weeks ago when we went to see him and Luke.
Iggy is the short affectionate nickname for Iago, who is a full Chiliean, Suri Gilding Alpaca.

This was Luke during the same visit.
Luke is short for Luciano, who is a Chilean - Peruvian mixed, Huacaya, unproven male Alpaca.

Both Iggy and Iago are ARI registered, which makes them theft proof.

This was Luke last summer, right after his shearing

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This was Iggy before shearing last summer.

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