Saturday, January 10

Sat. Morn, Jan. 10th… running , to beat the snow that’s coming…

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Good morning from the Cluckin ‘ “A”…… We’re running in fast forward this morning to complete all of our objectives before the big afternoon snow starts to fall. They are calling for 6 to 12 inches in our area and it seems that they can hit it right on the head most of the time. Anyway, Vicki and I did all the barn work and feeding early this morning…… in fact, we just came back in, frozen to the limit. I will warm up a bit and then it’s off to the tractor shed to fire up the Cub to bring a slug of wood pellets to the house and stack them on the screened in, front porch for easy access during the next few days when we have snow, like the old saying goes……“A** hole deep to a ten foot Indian ”. I sometimes watch the radar charts and see weather paths coming through the Shenandoah Valley, across Pennsylvania toward us from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, and watch for air mixing from off the coast of the Carolina’s, Virginia or Delaware, because they seem to pull the moisture in and dump on us. They are usually responsible for the heavy snows, but all too often they undersell these storms which are coming the way this one today is traveling. It is a huge mass….right now stretching from Iowa to the New York border and is carrying a huge water load. These sleepers are the ones that can slow down over top of you if the surrounding air flow changes, stalling the storm movement and you get plopped on! This could be one of those, so I like to expect the worst and be ready even if the weather bureau does not. After all, if they’re wrong…… so what? Oh… well, missed that one didn’t we? And we all crawl out from under more snow than we know what to do with…… unprepared… without enough fuel, milk and other things that would allow us to sit tight and enjoy the beauty. I don’t ever want to dread the winter weather anymore…. I want to enjoy living here in the north country and enjoy all of nature’s beauty. Just a little planning is all it takes…… just be prepared. We’ll take off here in a few minutes and fill the gas can and the diesel fuel can for the Cub Cadet. All the feed barrels are filled in the barns and the feed room is full, the bird feeders are full and the squirrel feeder has corn in it. Now all we need to do is make sure we have enough food staples and we’ll be fine. We always keep two seven gallon containers filled with water, so we don’t have to worry so much about a short power outage, and we have a generator in the Wilson house for a biggie. (thus the need for gas)
Well folks, gotta get moving… cause that’s just what that storm is doing………

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